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Titanic ('96, 173', IMDb) by Robert Lieberman
(TV mini series)
(MPEGs in Hungarian! This page requires more than 3 minutes to download with a 33600 internet connection, so please be patient!)

See, how Cathy had a narrow escape (as Isabella Paradine) from the shipwrecked Titanic!
(Remember, she was rescued by both, Peter Gallagher (as Wynn Park) in the film, and a year later by Steven Spielberg(!) (as producer), who discovered Cathy for The Mask of Zorro just seeing this TV film in an otherwise boring afternoon...)

Isabella Paradine is mourning her aunt, when coming back to the USA - supposedly by the Titanic. She is catched at the entrance of the ship by his former lover (Wynn Park), who always wanted to marry her. Unfortunately, it was not possible, because of family matters. She had to get married with a noble (and wealthy) man. She still loves Wynn very much, but afraid of renewing the affair. MPG/1.5MB

At the Captain's ball Isabella can hardly take her eyes off her secret former lover. MPG/13MB

An unpleasent lady remindes her for the mourning, that makes indecent to have a little fun at the ball. She is definitely not happy about that... MPG/1.2MB

Isabella notices, that Wynn found out something, and is waiting for the "relief troop". MPG/1.6MB

But what a shame, Wynn invites somebody else for a dance! Isabella is very annoyed! MPG/13MB

She shoot a glance at the dancing couple, then leaves the ball. After all, "enough is enough". MPG/13MB

Wynn runs after her just to receive a well deserved smack in the face... MPG/13MB

Soon he apologizes for being so insensible, by sending beautiful flowers and a love letter. MPG/6MB

Isabella decides to change the mourning dress for a red one. A minute later she is very sad, because her husband is not the man she actually is in love with. MPG/6MB

At the next dinner she is quite tempting... MPG/8MB

And yesss, Wynn now takes the hook, and invites her for a dance... MPG/8MB

It's a tango - with style. MPG/4.5MB

Hmmmm... MPG/4.5MB

In the evening she aspects him - but it's just the porter. MPG/3.8MB

The Titanic is under the control of Cathy - I mean Isabella (:-)))... MPG/6.3MB

The only questions remained to be answered: Where is the key? And can she open the door? MPG/5.4MB

In the end in private. MPG/4MB

Before and after... MPG/6MB

Touch and kiss. MPG/6MB

I love you too! MPG/6MB

Isabella is asking about the possibility of a divorce, than goes to send a breaking telegram to her husband... MPG/6MB

Though, she is sorry about the break, because on the other hand, she respects her husbend very much. MPG/5.3MB

Isabella tells Wynn her decision. MPG/3MB

Happy lovers. MPG/3MB

The Titanic just collided with an iceberg. MPG/1.8MB, MPG/4MB

However, the situation doesn't seems to be so much serious - at first... MPG/6.7MB

Soon they have to run. And a very bad news: there are boats only for women. MPG/5MB

They have to leave each other. MPG/5MB

Isabella confesses, that her daughter is from Wynn. MPG/5MB

The Titanic has been wrecked. MPG/3MB, MPG/8.3MB

There are hundreds of innocent frozen victims everywhere. It's too late now to rescue them. MPG/8.3MB MPG/2.4MB

On the deck of Karpatia they bring a man taken from the water. Oh God, he is Wynn! MPG/12.6MB

He just has a bad cold! He needs a blanket and some hot soup! Is there a doctor here?!? MPG/12.6MB

No! Don't say he has... MPG/12.6MB

Survivors: "You saved the property and the dog? How many more people could have been in your boat?" MPG/6.6MB

And you! A healthy young man lying low in the women's boat! MPG/6.6MB

The sailor tries to inspire Isabella and to make themselves friends. Isabella expresses her respect, about his excellence as a sailor - by this way preventing a romantic attempt (very professional...). MPG/6MB

After have been landed, they are waiting for their families... MPG/3.6MB

Isabella's girlfriend already has met her family. Only Isabella doesn't know if anybody is coming for her, because earlier she sent that very refusing telegram... MPG/4.8MB

Fortunately they are here! MPG/7.5MB

<- My beautuful daughter!

In the telegram... I don't... -> MPG/7.5MB

Luckily, it was not forwarded! MPG/7.5MB

Home again. This is the only important thing. MPG/7.5MB

The End

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