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Rynn is the very young female star of the fantasy-advanture game Drakan: Order of the Flame, developed lately by PSYGNOSIS. Rynn has many common features with Lara Croft (physical strength and smartness, ability to fight and to use different tools, nice look and voice, similar long hair (ponytail+color), sexy dresses, etc. There are, however, some differences too. Rynn is much younger (under 20), and less acrobatic than Lara Corft. Her breasts are quite nice, but at the bottom section seems to be (still) a little bit under-developed (but the model! I don't know her name, it's said to be "Myrna Blankenstein"). Rynn has a permanent friend - a Dragon. (By the way, do you remember Dragonheart (96) (DVD, VHS)?) With her dragon Rynn can fly, which is very exciting! Actually the whole game is very good (regarding the graphics, music, sounds, speech, puzzles, combats, etc.), so I'm sure, if Tomb Raider: The Movie turns out to be a big box office success, there going to be a movie version of Drakan too...

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