2001: A Space Odyssey ('68) by Stanley Kubrick
KeyWords: sci-fi, human race, genesis, spaceship, God
A classical sci-fi movie - maybe the most important one. It is absolutely necessary to see this film, and to try to understand the "message". This title made a very strong effect on the way of how we, and many movie makers see the relation of mankind and a possible God. Though, the film is very scientific, that is only holes of our knowledge is filled with fantasy.
The film addresses many eternal questions, like the relation of the human culture with agression, the "big brother" problem, problems with intelligent computers, discovery of the endless Universe - and the reason of life, well from the aspect of a God... (156')

A Bug's Life ('98) by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton
KeyWords: cartoon, ants, bugs, advanture
For children it is an excellent movie, for adults the nice computer animation can be interesting. (96')

Abyss, The ('89) by James Cameron
KeyWords: sci-fi, action, adventure, thriller, alians, ocean, bomb
A big movie from James Cameron - really a classic. The story is very exciting and you will also see a number of visual effects, that have become models for many other movies. In the main role Ed Harris is perfect, like all the other actors/actresses.
After you have faced how deep the abyss actually is, you will never dream of distances... (140')

Alien ('79) by Ridley Scott
KeyWords: sci-fi, SOS, alien, horror, genetics, robots, action, starship
One of the most important title in the history of sci-fi-horror style. Many many other films were inspired by the Alien, including the 3 continuation of the story. The carreer of actress
Sigurney Weaver catapulted by this film in the main role as Allen Ripley, who became a legendary female character (like Lara Croft thank to the game trilogy Tomb Raider). Ian Holm (as Ash, an android) acts also very impressively. The film is very scientific (though realistic!), full with mistery and action in space. The characters of the story were also excellently choosen. It is absolutely necessary to see this film. Regarding to the continuation of the story, the second part (Aliens ('86)) is also a masterpiece. The 3rd and the 4th part of the series (Alian 3 ('92) and Alien: Resurrection ('97) ) are not on this level of excellence, but are good. (117')

Aliens ('86) by James Cameron
KeyWords: sci-fi, aliens, horror, genetics, robots, action, starship
Well, it not frequently happens, that the second part of a film series can compete with the first, especially if the first one is as geniously made as
Alien ('79). However, James Cameron has obviously did the job. Actress Sigurney Weaver is very good and also the other actors and actresses of the film, like the child Carrie Henn (as Rebecca), Lance Henriksen (as Bishop), Bill Paxton (as Private Hudson), Paul Reiser (as Carter Burke, a negative role). You may also want to see the next two parts (Alian 3 ('92), and Alien: Resurrection ('97). (154')

Alien 3 ('92) by David Fincher
KeyWords: sci-fi, aliens, horror, genetics, action, starship
3rd part of Alien sci-fi-horror classics.
Sigurney Weaver is good, but the other characters and the scene of the film is rather disappointing. This is the weakest part of the series. If you would like to impact the real Alien feeling (the fearing), look for the first two parts (Alian ('79), and Aliens ('86)). You should see also the 4th part Alien: Resurrection ('97). (110')

Alien: Resurrection ('97) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
KeyWords: sci-fi, aliens, horror, genetics, action, starship
4th part of Alien sci-fi-horror classics.
Sigurney Weaver is as good as always, the story has some new interesting aspects, but the film is not as geniously directed as the first two parts (Alian ('79), and Aliens ('86)). Maybe, it is somewhat better than the 3rd part Alien 3 ('92). (108')

American History X ('98) by Tony Kaye
KeyWords: neo-nazi, skinhead, brutal violence, drama
Edward Norton (II) plays a former neo-nazi skinhead who turns his mind as an effect of his experiences in the prison and tries to prevent his younger brother from doing the same neo-nazi way of life. Though the end is not happy at all, the story is optimistic - and Edward Norton is really very good. (117')

Armageddon ('98) by Michael Bay
KeyWords: sci-fi, asteroid, Earth, collision, armageddon
The basic story is similar to that of
Deep Impact's, with better actors (like Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi), nicer actresses (like Liv Tyler), more effective music and much more humore. (144')

As Good As It Gets ('97) by James L. Brooks
KeyWords: relationship, sex, dog, comedy,
A very-very good comedy with the marvelous
Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt with also a moral lesson. A must to see. (138')

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery ('97) by M. Jay Roach
KeyWords: futuristic, sex, action, comedy
A rather good parody of 007-style films starring Mike Myers and sexy Elizabeth Hurlay. (90')

Barb Wire ('96) by David Hogan
KeyWords: futuristic, sex, action, comedy
A bad film made around the breast of Pamela Anderson. (98')

Beverly Hills Cop ('84) by Martin Brest
KeyWords: action, commedy, police, language
A classical movie title built around the elementary dynamism and language of Eddie Murphy. Also the story and the other players are really very good: Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Lisa Eilbacher, Ronny Cox (I) and especially Steven Berkof, who contributes strongly to the atmosphere of the film, as the threatening negative hero. (105')

Beverly Hills Cop II ('87) by John Landis
KeyWords: action, commedy, police, language
If you liked the
Beverly Hills Cop, you should go for the second part too. However, it is NOT the same enjoyment, because the story is simpler, and there are less good actors in the film. However, Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton and Ronny Cox (I) play well. (105')

Beverly Hills Cop III ('94) by Martin Brest
KeyWords: action, commedy, police, language
The strongest argument for looking this film is if you liked Eddie Murphy in
Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop II. You will get nothing more and nothing less. Unfortunately the cast is downgraded, like the story. (105')

Beverly Hills Ninja ('97) by Dennis Dugant
KeyWords: karate, action, parody, police, erotic
An excellent parody of the karate-action style movies, full with many-many good jokes, and starred with the lovely comic Chris Farley (deceased '97), the very pretty
Nicollette Sheridan and the karate champion Robin Shou. FP-1, FP-2, FP-3 (88')

Dr. Bean - the Ultimate Disaster Movie ('97) by Mel Smith
KeyWords: Mr. Bean, commedy, art, family, crime, accident
If you like Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) a must to see. Very good humor, but well, definitely not gently, so not for everybody... ('90)

Blues Brothers 2000 ('98) by John Landis
KeyWords: blues, commedy, humor, crime, competition, kid
There are many-many excellent musicians involved in the story of this very good film, like Dan Aykroyd (!), John Goodman, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Stevie Winwood, etc., and one of my favourite actresses:
Nia Peeples. What is especially interesting about this film, the language that is very easy to understand even if you are not a native english speaker! So, you have at least two good reasons to experience this movie title: very good music and enjoyable language. ('124)

Contact ('97) by Robert Zemeckis
KeyWords: Sci-fi, radio telescopy, intelligent aliens, starship, religion, Universe
Well, this film can be regarded as a combination of
2001: Space Odyssey, StarGate, and several others. Actually a pretty good combination. The story line is not perfect, nor the acting of Jody Foster as a scientist, but close enough to provide a very good entertaintment if you like to think about unsolved misterious problems. The atmosphere of the film is also similar to the sci-fi classic Solaris. To see a dark alternative, check out Event Horizont ('97). ('153)

Con Air ('97) by Simon West (I)
KeyWords: crime, airplane, catastrophe, morders, family
It's not a big film. However, it is slightly better, than
Turbulence, thanks to less perversion. Even the basic situation is very similar to that (airplan captured by criminals, some hostages, bad guys-good guys, jets to shoot down the plane, etc.). The film sometimes looks as a parody. In the main role is Nicolas Cage who was much better in Rock, The ('96), Leaving Las Vegas ('95) and especially Red Rock West ('92). The main enemy is played by John Malkovich, not really convincingly. Steve Buscemi is funny as a hidden main enemy of the sociaty who murders only when it is necessary... (117')

Deep Impact ('98) by Mimi Leder
KeyWords: sci-fi, comet, Earth, collision
In the case of you, I would go to see
Armageddon, because it is better in every respect. (120')

Deep Rising ('98) by Stephen Sommers (I)
KeyWords: sci-fi, horror, action, ocean
Although starring Treat ("Hair") Williams this movie is not very good. You should see it, only if you like all kinds of the horror / sci-fi films, or if you are a fan of Famke Janssen who is quite pretty... (106')

Desperado ('95) by Robert Rodriguez
KeyWords: parody, western, love, music, guitar, money, drug, violence
An excellent western parody delivered by Antonio Banderas,
Salma Hayek and Steve Buscemi. The music is good, the story is funny (well, it is actually a remake of the award winning El Mariachi ('92), also by Robert Rodriguez), the performance is fresh and Salma Hayek is very charming... (106')

Desperate Measures ('98) by Barbet Schroeder
KeyWords: action, drama, violence, DNS
A film with a good actor: Michael Keaton who plays a bad guy in a key position. (100')

Devil's Advocate, The ('97) by Alan J. Pakula
KeyWords: religion, power, law, influence, sexuality, nudity, violence
You have several reasons why to see this very good movie title. Al Pacino (as Devil) is excellent, the story line is imaginative, the realisation is perfect. Maybe, you will think again what is good and what is bad... (144')

Devil's Own, The ('97) by Alan J. Pakula
KeyWords: action, terrorists, power, money
A stupid film about terrorists. Even Harrison Ford couldn't make this film better. (110')

Dracula: Dead and Loving It ('95) by Mel Brooks
KeyWords: dracula, Transylvania, erotic, comedy, tale
An excellent and bizarr comedy for everyone, especially who loves the humor of
Leslie Nielsen. Other actors and actresses are also very good in the film, like Peter MacNicol, Mel Brooks, Lysette Anthony and Amy Yasbeck. (88')

Entrapment ('99) by Jon Amiel
KeyWords: romantic, action, advanture, thief, trap
Starring Sean Connery and
Catherine Zeta-Jones, this is a fine, romantic action movie with two extraordinary characters in the center of the story. Catherine plays a fatally attractive, clever and very ambitious woman (Gin), who admires very much precious art treasures and also the world's greatest art thief Mac (played by Sean Connery). She works for an insurance company (as a cover) and is very determined about involving the man into her plans. However, Mac is also not exactly the same as seems to be... If you like Sean Connery and/or Catherine Zeta-Jones, this film is a must to see! (112')

Event Horizont ('97) by Paul Anderson (III)
KeyWords: scifi, spaceship, intelligent evil alien, horror
This film can be regarded as a combination of
2001: Space Odyssey and Alien. It is well made, the characters are good and the storyline is interesting enough. It represents a dark alternative to the optimistic Contact ('97). (95')

Face/Off ('97) by John Woo
KeyWords: crime, maffia, prison, terrorism, family, life, sci-fi
Starred with
Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. A kind of film that is directed according to the scientific standards of the last century. In respect of action, the film is somewhat better. Not Cage, but Travolta delivers the higher artistic performance. Actually he is quite good as a "bad guy" in the role of a "good guy". (138')

Fargo ('96) by Joel Coen
KeyWords: crime, perversion, life
A VERY good film, based on real events. Small town. Big crime. Dead cold. Nothing can be more absurd, or frightening than reality. Everything is on the right place in the film. It has a very good black humor too. One of my favorite stars in the film is
Steve Buscemi, who plays a criminal. (98')

Fifth Element, The ('97) by Luc Besson
KeyWords: sci-fi, future, civilisation, aliens, action, crime
Starred with
Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman, this film has a bit of sense of humor. The story line is good, but definitely not better than Star Gates's, for example. The director (Luc Besson) made the mistake of uncovering very soon who was actually the fifth element. The three main artists are not bad, and Milla Jovovich has really a pritty body (maybe some sportswomano antecedents?). (127')

Forces of Nature ('99) by Bronwen Hughes
KeyWords: commedy, romance
Sandra Bullock, unfortunately the film (and Sandra) is not as capturing as should be. (105')

Game, The ('97) by David Fincher
KeyWords: live-action game, risk, crime, joke, sex, power
A suprisingly good action-like film of many sudden changes... Michael Douglas is very convincing in the main role. (128')

Godzilla ('98) by Roland Emmerich
KeyWords: sci-fi, action, advanture, Godzilla
A giant, radiation-mutated raptile (Godzilla) comes to Manhatten and the military tries to destroy him... The film could have been much better, if the story had relied more on the excellent actors like Jean Reno. (140')

Independence Day (ID4) ('96) by Roland Emmerich
KeyWords: action, sci-fi, alien-invasion, UFO, computer-virus
Despite the extremely big amount of money spent on the film and also the record earnings, this film is not a big movie. There is no real sense in the behaviour of the characters, and also the story is boring - lacking even a single surprising turn. Roland Emmerich did an incomparably better work in
StarGate ('94). You may want to see ID4 just because of the visual and Dolby Digital sound effects, which are not so bad. However, if I were You I would prefer its parody: Mars Attacks! ('96). That film has also a lot of great effects, and also a very good (black) humor... (')

Island of Dr. Moreau, The ('96) by John Frankenheimer
KeyWords: sci-fi, violence, thriller, horror, genetics, God
The story: God created the Man in his own likeness. However, the Man was not perfect. (There was a snake issue...) God tried to save his creature from damnation several times before he realized: the mankind have to live accordingly to its own abilities and laws.
Dr. Moreau (a Nobel-prized genetition) decided to create perfect people, without any aggression. However, his genetic creatures _are_ aggressive, therefore some strict regulations are applied. He tries to keep the balance, but in the end, fails. He couldn't go any further with his creatures, than God could with the mankind. The creatures have to live according to their own laws.
Marlon Brando as Dr. Moreau is very-very good, Val Kilmer as his assistant is not bad and Fairuza Balk, the daughter of Dr. Moreau is fascinating. (96')

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer ('98) by Danny Cannon
KeyWords: romance, thriller, violence, tini horror, mystery
Well, this movie is just above the standards of a bad film. It is interesting only because the otherwise very pretty and talented
Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the leading role - she is not bad at all. (100')

Leaving Las Vegas ('96) by Mike Figgis
KeyWords: alchohol, prostitute, life

Liar Liar ('97) by Tom Shadyac
KeyWords: comedy, family, child, law, lying
In the main role with Jim Carrey, it's a good comedy for whole of the family. (86')

Long Kiss Goodnight, The ('96) by Renny Harlin
KeyWords: action, murder, family, kid, amnesia, spy
This film is not a big deal, but if you are an XXL size woman, you may find it funny at some turns of the story, which is about a woman spy who temporarly (for several years) had forgotten her real identity and in the meantime she establishes a normal family life. As she has got back her memory, she have to eliminate (kill) some disastrous criminals (other spys). At the (happy) end she becomes an almost normal wife again. (Well, her husband is frightened a little bit.) The women spy is acted by
Geena Davis. The whole strory line follows the woman's way of thinking, which is not surprising, because Geena was one of the producers of the film too, and also the wife of the director Renny Harlin. (120')

Lost World: Jurassic Park, The ('97) by Steven Spielberg
KeyWords: dinos, T-Rex, action, family, kid, island
This film shows computer generated "dinos" a lot. They are quite nice. However, some excitement comes only when people are loosing their guns. The story line is not a big deal. However, it was a really exciting moment (maybe the only one), when the woman scientist falled down to the cracked window just above the abyss. The artists are just average. Jeff Goldblum acts the main good guy - a scientist - like a "para-scientist". He is exactly as bad, as in
Jurassic Park (the 1st one), and in Independence Day ('96). Definitely not as good as in Fly, The ('86). A big disappointment. From scientific point of view, the film is also very bad. You should see it only for the great pictures and animations. Forget everything else. (134')

Man Who Knew Too Little, The ('97) by
KeyWords: parody, spions, action, sex, crime
This film is the parody of the 007 series and also the film
Game, The ('97). In the main role Bill Murray is excellent. If you found of Bill's humor, a must to see. In the main female role (94')

Matrix, The ('99) by Andy and Larry Wachowsky
KeyWords: sci-fi, action, thriller, computers, virtual reality
Starring Keanu Reeves, this is the best sci-fi of the year. It redefines what is reality. The music could have been a little bit better, and the film a little bit longer. Well, it takes almost 2 1/2 hours, but I can assure you, won't be bored... (144')

Mr. Magoo ('97) by Stanley Tong
KeyWords: rubbery, cartoon, tale, humor
To tell the truth, even
Leslie Nielsen could not make this film good. You should see it only if you absolutely don't know what to do with your spare time. (87')

Mars Attacks! ('96) by Tim Burton
KeyWords: action, sci-fi, alien-invasion, ufo, black humor
An excellent sci-fi parody on
ID4 with surprisingly good cast: Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Deny DeVito, Michael J. Fox, Tom Jones (I), ...). If You are a black humor lover, it may not be missed! (')

Mask of Zorro, The ('98) by Martin Campbell
KeyWords: romantic, action, advanture, commedy, Zorro, sword fight
A very refreshing and entertaining movie, a must to see for everybody! The story is lively and interesting, the scenes are fascinating. Sir Antony Hopkins in the role of the old Zorro is excellent. Antonio Banderas in the role of the "new Zorro" is very dynamic, skillful and charming. We would say: "that's my boy!" The other actors and actresses provide very good performance too. All these things would sum up to a wonderful movie. But wait. There is in the film an incredible bonus,
Catherine Zeta-Jones as the daughter of the old Zorro and the sweetheart of the new one. Believe me, she is absolutely breath-taking... (136')

Men in Black ('97) by Barry Sonnenfeld
KeyWords: action, sci-fi, alien-invasion, ufo, crime, cop, black humor
Good sci-fi commedy on UFOs, criminal aliens and cops. If You are a black humor lover, and liked the excellent
Mars Attacks! you will like this title too. In the main roles Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith and Linda Fiorentino are good as well as most of the other actors and actresses. (98')

Mercury Rising ('98) by Harold Becker
KeyWords: super code, spy, crime, action, autism
Starred with
Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin, this film has a forced and uninteresting story. The character of the autistic "genius" kid is also inadequately formed. (108')

Metro ('97) by Thomas Charter (II)
KeyWords: action, violance, language, hostage, police, commedy
This title with Eddie Murphy is not as good as the
Beverly Hills Cop, but much better than the average critics say. It is full with action, excitement, visual effects and Eddie Murphy's special language. If you like this type of films, you will be satisfied. (117')

Miniszter Félrelép, A ('97) by András Kern, Róbert Koltai
KeyWords: commedy, politicians, erotica, unfaithfulness
Well, not too many Hungarian films become world wide known, but I strongly hope this will be. Sooner or later. An excellent commedy about politicians and unfaithfulness. In the main roles are András Kern, Róbert Koltai, Gábor Revitcky, Ferenc Kállai, Sándor Gáspár, Dorottya Udvaros, Judith Hernádi, and very pretty and talented new actress, an upcoming star: Kata Dobó. (105')

Mon Homme ('96) by Bertrand Blier
KeyWords: life, humor, sex without perversion!
The story is principally about an extraordinary prostitute (played by Anouk Grinberg), who is in love with her job. In fact, this prostitute just represents the modern woman who is looking for the right man for the rest of her life. But what happens if she succeeded? Well, although the film is basically not a commedy, it is full with the finest humor about man, woman and life.
Anouk Grinber was simply fantastic in her role. (She was awarded by "Silver Berlin Bear" at the Berlin Film Festival ('96).) The songs from Barry White were marvellous. Gerard Lanvin - the right man - did also a very remarkable play. If you are over 16, a must to see. (98')

Mortal Kombat ('95) by Paul Anderson (III)
KeyWords: karate, kombat, scifi, tale
A suprisingly good film, regarding its main inspiration, which was a popular PC game. The story has some meaning, and the atmosphere is exciting. The visual effects are also good. In the main role
Christopher Lambert is excellent. Other actors, like Robin Shou are good too. For kids a must to see. (101')

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation ('97) by John R. Leonetti
KeyWords: karate, kombat, scifi, tale
A suprisingly bad film, regarding its predecessor, the
Mortal Kombat, which was actually quite good. The visual effects are sometimes good, but the story is ridiculous (not funny). The characters are average. It was a big mistake to replace Chirstophere Lambert in the main role by a combative character. There is only one reason to see this film, who is Sandra Hess, a beautiful woman and very (!) good fighter. (91')

Mummy, The ('99) by Stephen Sommers (I)
KeyWords: egypt, mummy, advanture, scifi, commedy
Horror-adventure with a big amount of humor an computer animation. Not bad. (124')

Nutty Professor, The ('96) by Tom Shadyac
KeyWords: commedy, losing weight, professor, computer animation, crude humor and language
Eddie Murphy, it is a good commedy about problems of a sci-fi way of losing weight (however, the film has some disgusting moments). (95')

Primal Fear ('96) by Gregory Hoblit
KeyWords: crime, law, sex, perversion
Some people think that the main actor of this film is Richard Gere, just because he is the most famus in the crew. Well, Richard is not bad as a lawyer at all. However, you must see the film because of a young actor, Edward Norton II, who plays unbeatably good the role of the inocent-looking perverse monster. A monster forever... (')

My Best Friend's Wedding ('97) by P.J. Hogan
KeyWords: commedy, love, marrage, friendship, homosex
A very good commedy for everyone.
Julia Roberts is almost so beautiful as in Pretty Woman. She also acts really talently. Her face is very meaningful during the confronting situations. It's obvious, that Julia Roberts had already met most of these affairs in her private life. You can see another excellent performance acted by Rupert Everett, who played the boss of Julia's character. The boss is really just friend, because actually a homosexual... (105')

My Fair Lady ('97) by P.J. Hogan
KeyWords: love, marrage, friendship
FP (105')

Red Rock West ('92) by John Dahl
KeyWords: crime, perversion, life
A man (who has just completed his term) is coming home. He is dreaming of starting a new life. Actually a likable guy. He drops into a pub in the town of Red Rock West. He doesn't even has a clue what devilish circumstances he falls into. We too.
Nicolas Cage, the main actor was the best in this film up to now. (98')

Rock ('96) by Michael Bay
KeyWords: action, crime, spy, chemical weapon
If you like bombastic action titles, don't miss this film. Main heroes are
Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery. Both of them are really good, like the bad guy Ed Harris. (135')

Saint, The ('97) by Phillip Noyce
KeyWords: action, thriller, romance, russia, cold-fusion, maffia, spy
This film is usually very much overrated (by iMDB for example) regarding to its real value. The film is completely wrong about Russia, maffia and many other things. As a maximum, it can be concerned as a weak parody of Simon Templar films. The acting of Val Kilmer is average, he was better in
Island of Dr. Moreau, The ('96). The only remarkable part of the film is Elisabeth Shue's extremely beautiful eyes... (116')

Saturday Night Fever ('77) by John Badham
KeyWords: musical, dance, songs, love, romance, comedy, Bee Gees
A Musical classic with the music of the Bee Gees and in the main roles by
John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney. FP (118')

Shallow Grave ('94) by Danny Boyle
KeyWords: crime, sex, perversion
A good black commedy about the way of how a gentle man can become a monster. The metamorphosis is well delievered by Cristopher Eccleston - only Edward Norton II. will be better in
Primal Fear ('96).

Spice World ('97) by Bob Spiers
KeyWords: music, songs, humor, concerts, the 5 spice girls
You should see this film, only if you like the 5 Spice girls (Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton and Victoria Adams (I)). If so, you are in the branch of Roger Moore, Meat Loaf, Bob Geldof, Elton John, Elvis Costello, etc. - and me (:-))). The basic "philosophy" of the film is alike the Hard Day's Night, A ('64) by The Beatles ('93)
. (')

Spy Hard ('96) by Rick Friedberg
KeyWords: parody, spy, action, humor, romance
If you love the humor of
Leslie Nielsen, a must to see. (Another reason is the very pretty Nicollette Sheridan) ('81).

StarGate ('97) by Roland Emmerich
KeyWords: sci-fi, Egypt, archeology, pre-civilisation, God, bomb
A very good sci-fi about Egypt, civilisation and God - really a classical title. You will be captured by the inner humor of the situations and also by the mystical things of the Universe... (The cast is also very good. The main roles are played by Kurt Russel and James Spader.) You must see it! (')

Starship Troopers ('97) by Paul Verhoeven
KeyWords: sci-fi, parody, computer simulation, aliens, starwar
A fearly good sci-fi parody in it's kind. If you liked the film
The Mars Attacks!, you will like this one too. (129')

There's Something About Marry ('98) by Bobby Farelly and Peter Farelly
KeyWords: parody, romance
Starring Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon this is a good commedy, however, there is something (disgusting) about Marry... (119')

Titanic ('97) by James Cameron
KeyWords: history, voyage, biggest ship, catastrophe, science, romantic love
This very long movie title actually consists of two different films. A romantic love story, and a catastrophe film. Both of them are made excellently. In the main male role the nowadays celebrated new star Leonardo DiCaprio was good (not more). In the main female role Kate Winslet was also good. However, the story, the direction, the music and the spectacle are the strongest points of the film. (195')

True Lies ('96) by James Cameron
KeyWords: action, adventure, commedy, romance, car, harrier, bomb, missile, spy
Do you say that Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't have a bit of sense of humor? Its a false lie! The story of the film is excellent (although it was already misused in a french film), the director (James Cameron) is genious and the actors/actresses play very well. Arnold is turned out to be very good at mimicking, Jamie Lee Curtis was not just talented but very sexy, while Bill Paxton was the funniest swindler lady-killer I have ever seen. (Don't forget to look after Bill in
Twister ('96)!) The film is a Total (recall of) Entertainment in 144 minutes! (144')

Turbulence ('97) by Robert Butler
KeyWords: crime, catastrophe (airplane), sex, perversion
It's a bad film. Director visibly couldn't decide which source of the excitement should be emphasized (crime or catastrophe) and failed both. However, there is a strong violence and perversion in the film, that makes impossible to look at it as a parody.
Ray Liotta as an intelligent serial murder is not bad. He delievers similar performance to that of Cristopher Eccleston in
Shallow Grave ('94). Lauren Holly is not convincing as the main hero of the film (plays a stewardess). Rachel Ticotin is better (also stewardess). (')

Twister ('96) by Jan de Bont
KeyWords: tornado, action, adventure, visual effects
Don't breathe. Don't stop. And never, never look back. The Dark Side of Nature is here - well mostly by computer generated graphics, but it is unbelievably believable. For your whole family is a must to see!
Starring Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton (hey, do you remember him in
True Lies ('94)?) and Jami Gertz. They are very good. (')

Wild Things ('98) by John McNaughton and Virginia Thomas (II)
KeyWords: sex, crime, blackmail, trial
A many times twisted strange story with good actors and actresses like
Bill Murray, Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. (108')