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  • FCQTS'98 (Fall Conference and Quality Testing Show), October 19-23 (1998) Nashville, Tennessee, USA
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • ECNDT'98 (7th European Conference on NDT), May 26-28 (1998) Copenhage, Danmark
    Deadline for Abstracts: September 30 1997

  • E'NDE '98 (The 4th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation), September 17-18 (1998) Chatou, France
    Deadline for Abstracts: June 19 1998

  • MTQ '98 (Testing for Quality Exhibition), May 19-21 (1998) Birmingham, UK
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • HIDA (Creep and Fatique Crack Growth in High Temperature Plant' - International HIDA Conference), April 15-17 (1998) Saclay (Paris), France
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • 9th APCNDT'98 (The Ninth Asia-Pacific Conference on Nondestructive Testing in conjunction with ASNT's), March 23-27 (1998) NDE - Building a World of Quality, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA, USA
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997


  • CORCON '97 (International Conference on Corrosion and Corrosion Exhibition), December 4-6 (1997) Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • Oil & Gas Philippines (Exhibition on rotating equipment, fluids and air-handling systems, power generation, oil & gas and pollution control in the Asean region), November 27-30 (1997) World Trade Centre, Metro Manila, Philippines
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • Defektoskopie '97 (1997 national conference of the NDT Society for the Czech Republic), November 19-20 (1997) Hotel Krystal, Veleslavín, Prague
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • Risk Assessment of Offshore Installations (Conference covering the legislative regime, concept selection; design and implementation; operations and maintenance; and abandonment), November 18 (1997) Church House Conference Centre, London
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • CORENDE'97 (Congress of ND and Structural Testing), October 27-30 (1997) The Technological University, Mendoza, Argentina
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • NDT - Keystone of Quality (ASNT Fall Conference with the theme: 'NDT - Keystone of Quality'), October 20-24 (1997) Double Tree Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • Arab Oil & Gas Show (8th international exhibition for the oil, gas and petrochemical onshore and offshore industries serving the Arab Gulf States), October 18-22 (1997) Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • 6th Romanian National Conference and Exhibition on NDT (Running concurrently with the 3rd National Symposium on Management of Quality Assurance), October 8-10 (1997) Bucharest, Romania
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • Engineering Asset Management for utilities (industry and commerce), October 7-8 (1997) The Forum Hotel, London
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • COFREND (Congress on Non-Destructive Testing, Event in the French NDT calendar), September 22-26 (1997) Cité de Congrčs, Nantes, France
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • The 36th Annual British Conference on NDT (electromagnetics, research and development, service inspection, certification, condition monitoring and aerospace NDT), September 16-18 (1997) The Cheltenham Park Hotel, Cheltenham, England
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • 1997 National Conference of the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing: NDT (the Pacific Rim in focus), September 14-16 (1997) Waipuna International Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • E'NDE '97 (The 3rd International WorkShop on Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation), September 14-16 (1997) Reggio Calabria, Italy
    Deadline for Abstracts: June 20 1997

  • Advances in Welding and Related Technologies (Seminar organised jointly by TWI, the Japan Welding Society and the Japan Welding Engineering Society), September 8-9 (1997) TWI, Cambridge, UK
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • 4th International Conference on the Remote Field Eddy Current Inspection Technique (), August 25-27 (1997) Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • World Congress on Ultrasonics'97 (), August 24-27 (1997) Tokyo, Japan
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • QUEBEC '97 (Workshop on Advances in Signal Processing for NDE), August 5-8 (1997) University Laval, Quebec City, Canada
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • QNDE'97 (Review of progress in quantitative nondestructive evaluation), July 27 - August 1 (1997) The University of San Diego, San Diego, California, USA
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • ASME (Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference: 'International Advancement in PVP Technology'), July 27-31 (1997) The Peabody Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA
    Deadline for Abstracts: 1997

  • ISEM'97 (International Syposium on Non-Linear Electromagnetic Systems), May 12-14 (1997) Braunschweig, Germany
    Deadline for Abstracts: November 30 1996

  • INTERMAG'97 (International Magnetics Conference), April 1-4 (1997) Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
    Deadline for Papers: February 4 1997
    Deadline for Digests: October 25 1996

  • SC&6thARS'97 (Spring Conference and Sixth Annual Research Symposium Refining Quality With NDE - NDE Methods for Material Characterizations), March 17-21 (1997) Hyatt Regency, Houston, Texas, USA
    Deadline for Abstracts: October 6 1996


  • 14th WCNDT'96 (14th World Conference on Non Destructive Testing & International NDT Technical Exhibition and Trade Fair, INTEXT NDT'96), December 8-13 (1996) New Delhi, India
    Publications: Proceedings

  • 2nd JCEWS'96 (2nd Japan-Central Europe Joint WorkShop on Modelling of Materials and Combustion), November 7-9 (1996) TUB, Budapest, Hungary
    Publications: Proceedings

  • E'NDE'96 (International Workshop on Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation), October 28-29 (1996) Tokyo University, Japan
    Publications: Proceedings of E'NDE'96, pp.


  • MIMR'95 (International Symposium on Microsystems, Intelligent Materials and Robots), September 27-29 (1995) Sendai, Japan
    Publication: Proceedings of MIMR'95, pp.634-637

  • E'NDE'95 (International Workshop on Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation), September 21-22 (1995) University College, London, UK
    Publications: Nondestructive Testing of Materials, IOS Press (1995)

  • ISEM'95 (International Symposium on Non-linear Electromagnetic Systems), September 17-20 (1995) Cardiff, Wales, UK
    Publication: The International Symposium on Non-linear Electromagnetic Systems, IOS Press (1995)

  • MCM&ST'95 (NATO Advanced Research Workshop & Exhibition on MCM & Sensor Technologies), May 18-20 (1995) TUB, Budapest, Hungary

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