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Book: Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 14, Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (II), Editors: R. Albanese, G. Rubinacci, T. Takagi and S.S. Udpa, IOS Press, Amsterdam (1998), ISBN: 90-5199-375-7, pp.160-169

FLUXSET Sensor Analysis Based on Nonlinear Magnetic Wire Model of the Core

Daniel Ioan(a), Ioan Florea Hantila(a), Mihai Rebican(a), Cristian Constantin(a)

(a)"Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Numerical Methods Lab., Spl. Independentei 313, 77206 Romania

The paper presents two accurate models for the FLUXSET sensors. Both models use 1D (a wire model) grid to discretise the ribbon core without discretising the external domain. The first model is based on axisymetric approach in which the external linear domain is analysed by analytical methods (separation of variable) and the core is reduced to a nonlinear boundary condition. This approach allows the computation of symbolic form of sensitivities. The second model is based on the integral equation for the core magnetization, which is considered axially oriented. The choice of wire model for the core allowed using the Katzenelson method to solve the nonlinear systems, which has guaranteed convergence and proved to be more effective than other classical methods. The paper presents the comparison between the numerical results and the experimental ones. The numerical accuracy and the needed computing resources are discussed.

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