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Book: Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 14, Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (II), Editors: R. Albanese, G. Rubinacci, T. Takagi and S.S. Udpa, IOS Press, Amsterdam (1998), ISBN: 90-5199-375-7, pp.280-286

Localization and Shape Classification of Defects using the Finite Element Method and the Neural Networks

Fabrice ZAOUI(a), Claude MARCHAND(a), Adel RAZEK(a)

(a) Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Paris (LGEP) - URA CNRS 0127 - SUPELEC - Universités Paris XI et Paris VI, Plateau de Moulon, F 91192 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex

This paper deals with an inverse problem solution based on the simultaneous use of two different artificial neural networks (ANN) for the localization and the shape classification of defects. In a magnetic plate specimen including different defects, a classic 2D finite element method is used for eddy current computations. Results obtained from such calculations are used as a data base for the inverse problem solution. A brief overview of the ANN is presented, revealing drawbacks and advantages of the proposed approach as regards to the results.

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