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Hereafter You can find a list of computer programs (with links to download sites if possible) that can fulfil all the usual communication needs related to the internet. There are many different hardware platforms in use out there, but here we can concentrate on only the PC (x86 compatible Personal Computer) softwares. First look at the itinerary how to get a suitable hardware, or Jump to software issues.

Yes! (1) Do You have a Non-PC internet access with everything You need? NO!
Yes! (2) Do You have something other than PC and NOT satisfied with it? NO!
Welcome! You are going to have a PC, or already have one. We can help You how to prepare it for the effective internet access! Lets go through a few questions. The first is, what kind of PC do You (would You) have?

XT,286,386,486SX 486DX-33 486DX2-66 5x86 P5-100 P5-133 P5-166 or faster!

Sorry, You DO NOT have an appropriate computer for Windows based networking, even if You have a PC like XT, AT286, AT386, or 486SX-25MHz! The minimum configuration for the MS Windows 3.1x operating system is 486DX-33MHz / 486DLC-40MHz, with 8 MBytes of RAM. Anything less is a complete waste of time. What is more, if You have the internet access via modem, the minimum processor speed is 66MHz! Check out what would be, if You had a...


Your computer has the very minimum processing power for MS Windows 3.1x and networking. You have to get at least 12 or 16 MBytes of RAM to obtain bearable speed. Don't dream about flying experiencies. Check out what would be, if You had a...


So, You have a 486DX2-66MHz machine (with VLB or PCI sVGA). It is fast enough for the usual work in MS Windows 3.1x. For networking (NetScape) at least 8 MByte of RAM is strongly recommended. However, this PC will NOT give You the feeling of speed, especially with multimedia programs, image processing and internet phone applications. You should upgrade the RAM to 16 MBytes! Check out what would be, if You had a...


Whether You have a 486DX4-100/120, Am5x86-133, or Cx5x86-100/120, Your computer is good enough for comfortable work in MS Windows 3.1x, including NetScape and MultiMedia applications. Although Your PC is NOT "top performer" (in 1997), You can be satisfied with it. Check out what would be, if You had a...


A P5-100 processor equipped computer can fit every reasonable need in MS Windows 3.1x, Win95 and NT 4.0 regarding general tastks, including MultiMedia and NetWorking. What is more, the FPU of Your computer is much faster than that of the 486 machines. The benefit of this is especially important if You are making transcendent calculations (sin, cos, log, exp, etc.) Check out what would be, if You had a...


It is more than enough! As a bonus, You can obtain full screen, full motion, full color software MPEG video playback with an sVGA card like (at least) the Trio64V+ ! You can also enjoy the stereo/16bit/44.1kHz (Hi-Fi) MP3 audio decoding. Check out what would be, if You had a...

P5-166 or Faster

Hey, You DO HAVE an up-to-date PC - regarding to the processor! Look after, not to downgrade its performance by a bottle-neck (poor sVGA, slow HDD, not enough RAM, etc.) Your PC is even capable to run the games like
Quake in sVGA! A must try! (It has some network support too...)
And now please, have a look at the list, what kind of PC You should buy, provided You have planned some money for this purpose in the frame of the MANODET project.
Processor    : Intel P5-166, or Cyrix/IBM 6x86-P166+ with a good FAN!
MotherBoard  : Giga-Byte GA-586HX512
RAM          : 2 x 16 MByte EDO, 60ns or faster
sVGA card    : any ET-6000 card with 4.5 MByte MDRAM on board
Monitor      : 15" color sVGA, at least 64 kHz HF, or if You have glasses:
               17" color sVGA, at least 82 kHz HF (e.g. Daewoo 1704C)
HDD          : 2.5 GByte E-IDE: IBM, Quantum or Seagate. Definitely NOT WD!
Floppy       : LS-120 (if You can buy it) or standard 1.44MByte/3.5"
BackUp device: LS-120, or Travan-1000 QIC-80 compatible streamer
CD-ROM       : 8x-16x speed E-IDE, preferably with Play/Skip button 
Sound Card   : Opti 82C924...931 chip equipped SB Pro compatible, full duplex
NetWork card : PCI or ISA bus type, NE2000 compatible, with packet driver
FaxModem card: at least 14.400 speed type, with internal voice option
Mouse        : Microsoft OEM Mouse
Keyboard     : Win95 ready, 104 button (Mitsumi)
Power Case   : Midi Tower Case, 3x5.25" slot, 200W Low Noise Power Supply
Additionals  : Speakers, Microphone, Floppies, etc.
UPS          : Optional. If You experience problems with mains voltage
Printer      : Optional. For black-and-white printing choose the HP LJ5L, 
               for color printing choose the Epson Stylus Color 500
SoftWare Issues

First, a big Counter-Proposal: MS Windows95 is a rather "Plug-n-Play" style operating system. This DOES NOT mean at all that You really don't ever need to make changes manually in BIOS setup (and in configuration files), but it means: sometimes can be very hard to eliminate a problem when some automatic function failed. If You use this OS, You really must backup Your valuable data frequently!

It might happen, that You can't avoid Win95 (because of a software You have to use needs it). Unfortunately, we hardly can help You in case of trouble.

Let's suppose, You would like to use a system similar to ours! Below You can find the names of the programs we like, and also the possible link to download in the case of sharewares.

MS DOS             6.22 : Settled operating system like MS DOS 5.0 and MS DOS 3.3 
                          by Microsoft. (MS DOS 6.00 and MS DOS 6.20 are defective!)
Volkov Commander   4.01 : Great shareware DOS Shell program by Vsevolod Volkov
Norton Commander   5.0  : The most popular DOS Shell program by Symantec Corp.
Norton Utilities   8.0  : Very useful Disk Utilities by Symantec Corp.
Stacker            4.0  : In-the-fly Hard Disk Doubler by Stacker Corp. Great!
Windows f. WorkG.  3.11 : The best in Windows 3.1x series by Microsoft
Win32S Extension   1.30 : 32 bit extension of Windows 3.1x by Microsoft.
Windows Commander  3.01 : Very good Shell program for MS Windows
Vid.f.Win+IndeoInt 1.1E : AVI Player for Windows 3.1x by Intel
Microsoft Office   4.3  : WinWord 6.0, Excell 5.0, etc. by Microsoft
                          Notice: whenever possible, You should save Your WinWord 
                          DOCuments in WinWord 2.0 format!
Ultra Edit         4.30 : Excellent TEXT/HEX Editor for Windows 3.1x 
Xfer Pro           1.1  : Very good File Coding/Decoding utility for Windows 3.1x 
                          (BinHEX, UUE, MIME, etc.) by SabaSoft Inc.
WinZIP             6.2  : Excellent File Coding/Decoding utility for Windows 3.1x 
                          (BinHEX, UUE, XXE, MIME, ZIP, ARC, ARJ, LZH, TAR,
                          Z, GZ, etc.) by WinZIP Inc.
Trumpet Winsock    3.0C : Interface program that provides connection to the 
                          internet via FaxModem or Network card
TelNet for WFWG    1.0  : Simple TelNet program exclusively for W.f.WorkGroups 3.11
WS_FTP Client      4.0  : The Best FTP Client program for MS Windows 
SERV-U FTP Server  2.2  : The very Best FTP Server program for MS Windows PCs!
NetScape Navigator 3.01 : The most popular Internet Browser for MS Windows 3.1x

  • You can also find other carefully selected programs at this page.

  • If You need some further assistance about the installation or configuration of the previous programs, check out the "How to..." page !

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