MANODET Papers at ISEM'97
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During the ISEM'97 Symposium ("International Syposium on Non-Linear Electromagnetic Systems", May 12-14, 1997, Braunschweig, Germany) there were presented several papers related to the MANODET project. Even if you are not a member of the project, you may browse the list of the presentations (from 11 to 13) and also the abstracts. (Furthermore, on demand you can obtain a pre-print of any given paper.)

Members of the project are allowed to download the papers in their full length (in WinWord 2.0 format, compressed with ARJ.) To login the FTP server, you can use your very own username (the short one!) selected from a table, and typed in your password. After the successfull login, you can download from any directory of the project, and upload anything to your home directory.
For a single download, however, it is suggested to use the general password after clicking any of the listed documents hereafter. (Don't forget to keep pressed the Shift button while clicking!)

  1. Cs.S. Daróczi and A. Gasparics, "Dual-Frequency Eddy Current NDT Measuring Technique Improved Depth Sensitivity in Metallic Plates", Proceedings of ISEM'97, May 12-14 (1997), Braunschweig, Germany, MPB1-16, pp.

  2. Antal Gasparics, József Pávó, Csaba S. Daróczi, Gábor Vértesy, "FluxSet Type Sensor for Eddy Current Testing and DC to Medium Frequency Magnetic Field Measurement", Proceedings of ISEM'97, May 12-14 (1997), Braunschweig, Germany, TPA2-20, pp.

  3. G. Rubinacci, A. Tamburrino, S. Ventre and F. Villone, "A Second Order Approximation for Conductivity Imaging", Proceedings of ISEM'97, May 12-14 (1997), Braunschweig, Germany, MPB1-22, pp.

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