AGENDA of 1st MANODET Meeting
Proposed A G E N D A
of the INCO Copernicus kick-off meeting, KFKI ATKI, Budapest
TelePhone:+36-1-3959220/Ext:1607 or 1555

  • What equipments are available at ATKI for Your presentations?
  • What You should bring by Yourself?
  • How to come to KFKI ATKI?
  • The Weather in Hungary (rain, snow, 5 °C)
    20 March (Thursday)
    14:00  Welcome address
    14:20  - Introductory talk by the Project Coordinator
           - Decision about the final timing of the meeting
    Presentation of ATKI and TUB:
    14:40  G. Vertesy: The FluxSet magnetic field sensor
    15:00  A. Gasparics: Application of the Fluxset principle in ECT
    15:20  J. Pavo: Theoretical calculations connected with ECT
    15:40  Cs.S. Daroczi: The Information System suggested to use in the Project
    16:10  Coffee break
    16:40  Visit to the ECT laboratory of ATKI 
    Presentation of partners' activities:
    17:40  G. Rubinacci (CREATE)
    18:20  P. Novotny (ICT)
    20:00  Dinner
    21 March (Friday) ================= Presentation of partner`s activities, cont.: -------------------------------------------- 9:00 A. Razek (LGEP) 9:40 K. Richter (IGTE) 10:20 D. Rodger (BU) 11:00 Coffee break 11:30 D. Ioan (LMN) 12:10 Summary of the partners presentations (G. Rubinacci) 13:00 Lunch Discussion about the project work: ---------------------------------- 14:30 Scheduling of the first year of the project, discussion about the future cooperation 16:00 Coffee break 16:30 Discussion of the administrative and organization aspects of the project 19:30 Dinner
    22 March (Saturday) ====================== Informal discussions