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  • Responsibility does not mean that the responsible participant is personally have to fulfill the given task.
  • Responsibility does not mean the power over the other participants of a given task.
  • Responsibility means the obligation of initiative, coordination and preparation of reports on the task.

    PROJECT COORDINATOR            Prof. RUBINACCI, Guglielmo (CREATE, Italy)
    1. MEASUREMENTS Dr. VERTESY, Gabor (ATKI, Hungary)
    2. DESIGN of the PROBE a.) E.M. Aspects Dr. PAVO, Jozsef (BME, TUB, Hungary) b.) Electronics Prof. IOAN, Daniel (LMN, Romania)
    3. SAMPLES and CONV. METHODS Ing. CSc NOVOTNY, Pavel (ICT, Czech Republic)
    4. E.M. SYSTEMS a.) Accurate Modelling Prof. RICHTER, Kurt R. (IGTE, Austria) b.) Simplified Modelling Prof. RODGER, David (Bath, UK)
    5. INVERSION a.) Data Base Dr. VERTESY, Gabor (ATKI, Hungary) b.) Optimization Dr. RAZEK, Adel (LGEP, France) c.) ANN, Fuzzy Logic Dr. FORMISANO, Alessandro (CREATE, Italy)
    6. INFO and COMMUNICATION Dr. DAROCZI, Csaba S. (ATKI, Hungary)

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