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NetScape Navigator 3.01 for MS Windows 3.1x. A good choice for Networking.
(WWW browsing, E-mail, FTP, NEWs, Gopher, MultiMedia, InterActive DataBase handling.) The "CoolTalk" Internet TelePhone software also included!

Improvements/Corrections over the version 2.02:

  • Large (over 300 kB) BookMark files don't "eat up" USER RESOURCE Memory.
  • Non-answering Name Servers don't "eat up" PHYSICAL Memory.
  • Much faster (2x) playback of MultiImage GIF files.
  • Playback of Large WAV files is possible too.
  • Built-in AVI and MOV file support - real time.
  • Built-in MIDI (MID) file playback support.
  • More PlugIns and Helpers, like CoolTalk!

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