Details on WinAmp v.2.02
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The premiere Hi-Fi MPEG-1 layer3 (MP3) audio player for MS Windows95, 98 and NT (Not for Win3.1x!).

  • Latest Features in Winamp 2.02:
  • Line-in and .CDA CD-Audio input plug-in: Control and Visualization support
  • ACM .WAV file input plug-in: Plays any .WAV file
  • Basic .VOC filetype support
  • Optimized output system
  • MOD decoder: .669 support, optimizations, windowshade VU, improved 8-bit support
  • MPx decoder: optimizations, bugfixes, MMS streaming, multi-extension support
  • Still more ID3 genres
  • HTTP streaming bugs squished
  • Included demo.mp3 file
  • Better filename conversion
  • Additional playlist commands
  • Audio DSP nomenclature change: *All* DSP plug-ins must be named dsp_*.dll
  • Selectable Plug-in and Skins directories (in winamp.ini)
  • Skin enhancements: transparency, split volume/balance, sign definition
  • Auto-idle detaches sound output when inactive
  • 3DNow! support
  • E-mail to DcsabaS E-mail # Last Mod: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 19:13:46 GMT Hungary Balaton Budapest iNDEX MTA KFKI MFA Alag3